Krome Studio Plus App Reviews

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Always pay

Sucks, you have to pay every time you use and its very hard to figure out


First off you have to pay $2.29 just to download this app, then $6.99 for every pic you take and I wasted my money cause the first pic I tried I didnt even get to order it and it said thank you for your order we will let you know when its ready I DIDNT EVEN GET TO EDIT ANYTHING!! This App is TERRIBLE!!!

Ripped off

You pay to have access to a designer you email your content to, who then edits the photos and you have to pay each time. Complete rip off!

Beautiful work

Highly recommended. As a photographer I know how difficult and time consuming it is to edit photos. So far their editors have done a great job for a very low price.

Total rip off!! Dont purchase!!

Thought I would be able to add backgrounds etc but no, after paying for the app, you then have to place orders so they create them and it costs you more money!!!!! Grr

Waste of money

Paid for the app and then have to pay for the photos... Doesnt even deserve one star... This is a scam

Too expensive!!!!!

First you pay the app and then you HAVE TO SIGN UP to be able to do anything and after that....... More fees....... WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!!!! I dont usually do reviews, only if its really good or really bad..... I let you figure out what it is here!

Waste of money!

You have to pay for the app to then only get one photo done for free! Even the regular version you have to pay for the pictures its a joke!

Dont be fooled

Total waste of money. First you have to buy the app and the you have to pay to use it and wait 24 hours to get your picture back. This is really note more than a self serve request portal. Already delete off my device.

Waste of money!

Huge waste of money! I sent in a request and Ive been waiting almost 2 months. Lol I dont think Im getting my picture.

Dont waste your money!

This is stupid. It charges you $7.99 for each picture you edit! What a waste on money!


3.00$ for the app plus 5 $ to get your pic edited???? Really??? Wasting money SPAM

Id give it a zero if I could

Paid for app. Didnt like edit, asked for the "free" re edit option.... Never got it.... Waste of my time!


Very misleading!!! You pay $1.99 for app but then you pay and pay and pay after that. DO NOT BUY THIS APP!! Its worthless unless you want to pay a fortune for photos!! Not even worth a star!!

not worth it

You have to pay for the app and you get one free edited picture. After that you have to pay for each photo. You dont get to do the picture, a designer does it for you....i wish I can get my money back

Horrible Scam

You have to pay for the app and that doesnt clued me one picture but then you have to pay at least seven dollars per picture after that. Totally not worth it. Very disappointing and misleading.


This app is a joke u pay for the app get 1 free pic edited and wait for it to get sent back to u! If u want to edit any more u pay for them to be made for u! Dont waste ur money not worth it!

More information should be included

I cant do the edits myself. Buy the app get one picture for free after that I have to pay to get each pic done. Id like a refund

Crap app

You pay for the app and are required to pay 7 for each photo you want to edit. SCAM


Not worth the money. Charges for each photo

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